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January 30, 2023, 06:30:15 am
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Petition to honble President pdg

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Author Topic: Petition to honble President pdg  (Read 1190 times)
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« on: February 28, 2017, 06:48:35 am »

From                  TO
B. Rajasekaran,                 The Hon’ble President of India,
Postal Asst, MACP-III                        Rastrabathi Bhavan,
Tiruturaipundi HO -614713.           New Delhi-
Your Excellency,
Sub: Illegal harassment-illegal charge sheet despite court orders-contempt of court-suppression of material evidences-supply of misleading information to Hon’ble Tribunal-gross violation of rules,laws-interpolations of false statements to arrive Adverse judgement-unwarranted dragging of Gandhi’s name to justify the illegal  Treatment of postmasters,Pas of Gr’B’ ‘C” with peon’s work at 5.45 a.m-abetting,inducing,dilatory dealings  from Jan 2013-etc
Ref:1.My petition dt 17.5.13 a/to Hon’ble President of India
2.Hon’ble CAT’s orders in O.A 92/2013,533/2013 (&stay in 347/2014)
3.My lr dt27.9.13 a/to CPMG/TN
4.My lr dt 27.1.14 a/to DG &all
5.CPMG’s  memo ViG/28-53/13 dt 10.1.13
6.My RTI Query requests dt 3.8.15,8.8.15,11.8.15
(POINTS  1 TO 5 are mentioned in petition dt 17.5.13&detailed in petition to DG dt27.12.14)
(It seems my petition dt 17.5.13  to Hon’ble President of India is not forwarded in time by PMG, Trichi against rule 150 of  vol III &118a of vol II.It was sent on 2.6.14 again.)
1.When i was officiating as Dy postmaster (Gr-B) Pattukottai H.P.O I was sent for training to Madurai  PTC on 10.9.12.I had undergone earlier a major surgery in 2002 in spinal cord.
2.The Director PTC ordered me  unofficially to cut thorny trees, sweep, pick used tea cups etc at 5.45 a.m illegally .When I hesitated  with medical records, Director Forced me to do some other peon’ works (instead of official works at office time) against Preamble of constitution to exploit labour and degrade the dignity  worsening  the pain in my hand then.When I expressed about pain i was discharged illegally disobeying wantonly conduct  rule 3(c) GID 6  .In the middle of the training
(I was directed to leave the class.]
3..The Director wrote  a letter to CPMG unlawfully against conduct rule 3(c) GID 24 ,13with malice, imaginary allegations inducing ,provoking  etc.In that letter which was cause for all these The Director compared my giddiness to ransom sadistically without caring for the fatal consequences of such health problems of trainees, Compared Gandhi’s scavenging service  to  the peon’s work there and insinuated it has to be done by Postmaters/PAs and hinted that by not doing so the trainees will be treated as disrespectful to Gandhi  .Director called me as disruptive ,shirker etc. and demanded action against me illegally. My classmate Jayakumar  committed suicide All unions in Tamilnadu condemned these and announced one day strike demanding police enquiry and transfer of  Directors involved in this from TN.All india union,barathiya post nov 12 gives details&its complaint was not redressed . stead of taking action against Director my explanation was called for, unlawfully, while labour commission was negotiating.PMG Trichi directed SPOs, Pattukottai to suspend and to issue rule 14 unlawfully groslly violating and disobeying wantonly annexure in rule 14 of CCS CCA Rules  para  45  and 17 of vol III for personal gains, abetting with the Director ,misusing power  .The Hon’ble CAT in O.A 92/2013 dt 17.1.13 ordered PMG to follow rules and to decide my representation dt 10.1.13 according to rules and to reply to me.PMG neither obeyed rules or court orders nor replied to me. Charge sheet was issued unlawfully on 22.1.13 against orders.
6.O.A 533/2013 was filed by me(in stead of contempt).It was falsely declared in The Hon’ble CAT that PMG has powers of Ho’ble President of India.(even then misuse of rule 17,annexure in rule 14, conduct rules GID 6,13 OF 3C are established)

The Hon’ble CAT  ordered CPMG to decide my case &letter dt 27.9.14 according to rules and laws. The CPMG in its letter dt VIG/28-53/13 DT 10.1.14 disobeyed The orders wilfully abetted with PMG. It did not  take action on  my no-mistake/innocence, the gross violations of PMG, Director or ,Its wrong claim of power, It approved the violations, disobedience of duty by them as devotion to  duty and treated  the unofficial voluntary labour as compulsory duty illegally against conduct rules. Moreover CPMG falsely claimed in para 4(d) that I said “the charge is not proved”This falsehood      ( justifying  the illegal  enquiry) changed the final judgement adversely . CPMG approved the unparliamentary-like provoking language of Director, abetted with it ,&its malignant letter and found my provoked reply as intemperate. It did not elucidate what is ransom and who first used it to provoke a retort and whose action resembles ransom.
In article 1 charge sheet was issued for not doing shramdan. But CPMG speaks incorrectly in para4(c) as if it is not so. In Para 4(D) it says  SPOs was not forced  by R.O but was only directed. CPMG’s decision are not quasi judicial it seems abetting. As everybody seems to abet It is suspected external influence could have been there.
I have been under illegal torture  from Jan 2013 with dilatory or indifferent ways. If the Director obeyed rules and had not forced illegally  peon’s work on infirm employees this would not have arisen. If no one has interfered the SPOs could have dropped the charges already ( or could not have issued charge sheet.)Had they admitted in  The Hon’ble CAT  the violations of rules, Or PMG’s  false claim, or had the PMG obeyed the rules or The Hon’ble CAT  ‘s orders in O.A 92/2013 without issuing the illegal charge sheet or had the director not written such a malicious provoking letter, or had the CPMG followed rules, orders of court this problem could have been settled already. Here the offenders are punishing the innocent misusing the power.Even though the charge sheet can be dropped by SP or SPOs can be directed in the same way to rectify the error no one has acted so far keeping the illegalities to continue.
When I report it to DG & all , it is replied that  the case is in court. When court gives verdict
It is disobeyed. Thus double play is made keeping me in unlawful ordeal.
Hence it is prayed
1.The indifferent orders of CPMG may pl be set aside and probed for abetting and justice rendered to me. DG or others need not follow the orders of CPMG as it merely disowns responsibility ,showing no interest in the case and does not want to interfere whatever be the case or cancellation or continuation. The reason for illegal continuation of charges caused by offenders of rules,laws may kindly be scrutinised and remedial measures taken.
2.The CPMG may pl be directed  to inform The Hon’ble CAT   about closing and  or admit the violations of rules as above producing material evidences. rules as above by telling truth instead of abetting  .  Legal support may pl be given only to those who abide by rules.
3.Suitable compensation may pl be arranged to me. Delay in justice is denial of it.
4.The wanton violations of rule 17 of manual III by PMG sri Bahadur Singh is serious and tantamount to picketing .Hence the same punishment may pl be considered against it.
5.Distribution of power may pl be revised so as any authority like CPMG has to be disciplinary authority for PMG  and a separate grievance cell is to be  created at DG’s office where any PA can write directly.
6.The responsibility for wanton delay, wanton indifference, wanton disobedience of rules causing my ordeal may pl be taken notice of .

Thanking Your Excellency,

Tiruturaipoondi               Yours faithfully
    1.    Documents as in ref 2 to 6
       2.Union notices
     3. Copy of  annex in rule 14 in CCS CCA, rule 45 of vol III, conduct rule 3c GID
     4. Rejoinder in O.A 533/2013,
    5. Bharathiya post nov 12 copy of letter
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