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Author Topic: RTI  (Read 1108 times)
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« on: December 25, 2016, 10:29:13 pm »

Respected sir,
pl ref m y petitions to DG dt 27.12.14 ,to honble President dt17.8.15 various letters RTIs reg illegal charge sheet Madras tribunal case 92/2013 and 533/2013 of Tribunal etc
please furnish information for all the follwing points.
1.OA 92 ordered to follow rules and to give me a lawful logical reply on 17.1.13
Rules say shramdan should not be compelled (conduct rule 3C GID 6)But charge sheet was issued only on 22.2.13 for not doing shramdan (article 1).pl intimate names of those responsbile with addresses for not cancelling it till now from 2013 despite court orders. intimate names and addresses of those responsible for suppressing motivatedly or otherwise in article 2 the orders of court in OA 92/2013 besides contempt of court and suppressing the insulting provoking and illegal words of Dirctor SMT Nirmaladevi. intimate names and addresses of those responsible who dragged Gandhis name unwarrantedly or who linked unofficial labour to Gandhis name and my name to that labour.
4.Pl intimate details of those who still disobey the following
a)conduct rule 3c gid 6 banning forcing of labour
b)annexure in CCS CCA rule14 about merits of case deserving rule 14
c) Honble Tribunal order in OA 92/2013
d)in OA 533/2013
e)Rule45 of Postal Manual Vol III denying jurisdiction to higher officers like PMG
f)Constitutional Article 21 ,23,42,43
5.Pl intimate action taken for the lie by SP Pattukottai during the enquiry that order from pmg was not supplied to mislead the case maliciously.
6.This lie itself prove the malicious motive to make illegal inquiry.Pl intimate action taken to cancel the illegal charges in the light of the above
7..Pl intimate action taken at each level to ensure justice.
8.Officiating SPOs can not issue charge sheet. But this was signed by Smt selvarani while officiating on 22.2.13. Pl intimate action taken for this irregularity and to cancel it.
9.Pl intimate details of those who want to continue it without cancelling it and the deails of higher officers responsible for this illegal charge sheet and continuing it

COPY OF LR 14.9.16

B.Rajasekaran M.A.,
APM (Retd)
Tiruturaipoondi H.O  TN
Now@ 19,Rajampalayam st,Mannargudi -614001
 1.The Director General&Secretary Posts,
Department Of  Posts,
New Delhi 110001
2.The Pricipal Chief Postmaster General,
T.N Circle , Chennai 600002
3.The Postmster General,
Central Region, Trichi 620001
4. The Supdt Of P.O.S
Pattukottai Division,Pattukottai 614601.
Respected Madam/Sir,
Sub:Irregular Continuation Of Charge Sheet For Shramdan against rule GID 6 of 3c Due To Wrong  Information To Hon”Ble Tribunal &Defiance Of Court Orders&Rules 45 vol III By Ex PMG(Mr. Bahadur Singh)-Maliciously   imaginary &Unlawful Instigation Letter By PTC Madurai Director against rule GID24 ,13 of Conduct rules Annexure in rule 14 Despite Strike Notice And A Suicide By A Trainee- suppression of it and rules
Ref:1. Hon’ble Tribunal’s  Orders In O.A 92/2013,533/2013&347/2014
2 RTI reply   by  PMG Trichi STB/48-1/12/TR DT 25.9.15 wr.t.RTI commissioner’s order CIC/BS/A/2014/002051/8543 DT 8.9.15
3.My Petitionto DG Posts dt 27.12.14 etc
4. My Petition to hon’ble President of India dt 17.8.15
5.My email dt 26.8.16
A few violations in charge sheet by SPOs are furnished below.
1(a).Shramdan is not all a duty. Nor 5.45 a.m is an office time.(Moreover I was  asked to do bundling  stappling of papers which is not the so called shramdan.DPS or anyone has no authority to order that against the constitution)Rules and OA 92 /2013 order dt17.1.13  were violated and defied by issuing charge sheet  later on 22.2.13 treating voluntary shramdan as compulsory illegally by the Supdt of P.O.s. Pattukottai.Hence charge sheet is invalid and illegal.
(b)Forcing Labour comes under Exploitation of labour and not under Conduct.Hence it is invalid and illegal.Director  cannot order  trainees  to do physical labour at 5.45 a.m against dignity and illegally claim this labour  as conduct.This is exploitation of labour against the constitution and against the Directive Priciples of decorum and fraternity.
2.Rule 45 of vol III and CCS CCA Rule 12 is violated as PMG ordered SPOs to issue charge sheet.(Earlier SPOs has lied  that the PMG’s  orders were not supplied and DPS has refused to supply this information .RTI Commissioner exposed it).So it is invalid  and illegal.(This material evidence was suppressed from hon’ble Tribunal too.)
3. Charge sheet was issued by an officiating SPOs by Mrs Selvarani then against rule MHA No F7/14/61-Ests(A)dt.24.1.63.Hence it is invalid.
4.(a) Charge sheet was issued on the illegal instigation of Director PTC ,Madurai against conduct rules 3( c) Gid 6,24,13.(Gandhi’s name was unwarrantedly dragged  and the full letter of Director acting like doctor ,ridiculing  trainees’  giddiness as’ ransom’ etc in a mean and provoking language was suppressed.)Hence it is invalid and illegal.
(b).It was issued after the all Tamilnadu  Unions had announced  strike against PTC Director’s  such  illegal activities and alleged inducing of suicide of Jayakumar my Training mate.Issuing charge sheet on such union matters is invalid according to DG’s order no DG(P)No.30-52/95-SR dt 6.10.95
5.The above material evidences were suppressed from court and false  Reply statements were given in 533/2013 .Hence it is invalid.
6.OA 92/2013’s orders were also suppressed in charge sheet. No reply was sent to my representation dt 10.1.13  by PMG defying its order.PMG could not reply to it.Hence it is a contempt of court ,violation of rules and is invalid.
7.No Proper enquiry/action was taken against the Director for irregular discharge,irregular forcing shramdan,alleged inducing of suicide,irregular reporting about me.Hence as per court’s order to follow rules enquiry should have been done properly against the DPS concerned who violated laws after the transfer of the DPS to avoid tampering of evidences as in vol III &as demanded by unions.
Hence it is illegal and amounts to abetting in violation of conduct rule 3©Gid 6,13.Hence Charge sheet is invalid.
8. Hon’ble Tribunal has ordered me  in OA 533/2013  to send  a representation to CPMG and ordered CPMG to dispose it lawfully with a reasoned  speaking reply . But none of the points in my representation dt 7.10.13 were disposed or discussed lawfully,logically or speakingly.
(a)In reply to my representation dt 7.10.13  the CPMG TN has falsely interpolated  in its belated lr No.Vig/28-53/13 dt 10.1.14 as if I had written  “The charge is not Proved” and that enquiry was needed . Actually I said “charges and enquiry are illegal and baseless”. Besides,CPMG did not discuss about illegal forcing of labour,illegal discharge, etc.Hence charge sheet is invalid and illegal.
(b)The CPMG has also falsely and illogically said in Page 4 (d)“SPOs was not forced by “ PMG (only ordered) .Actually PMG’s order was exposed by RTI Commissioner.I worked  under juniors without sensitive branches illegally and illogically as this problem was not dealt reasonably ,lawfully and speakingly by shirking responsibility defying Hon’ble Tribunal’s orders in O.A 533/2013
Hence Charge sheet is illegal and invalid.
9.None of the RTI queries dt3.8.15,8.8.15,11.8.15,19.11.15,&30.11.15 was properly replied in this regard and they are taken up by RTI commission again for enquiry.
10.SPOs can and has to accept and cancel the charge sheet according the above rules and court orders.Inquiry officer can also submit the report to SPOs that Charge sheet and consequent enquiry are illegal and invalid and against rules and first two court orders in 92&2013. If these orders had been  followed already I would not have gone to court.I.O was also included as respondent by the advocate in a O.A.533 .I.O now quitted. (In the last case 347/2014 also same suppressions were made same violations were made.So the member  without listening to my last submission of evidences has ordered in haste to finish case/enquiry within 6 months.(separate case is taken against this)My advocates want me to make a complaint and an appeal in high court  which will be strict to take action against the offenders of law abettors  suicide inducers etc  )
11. So far case is subjudice is given as a reason to wipe out the illegalities. .Now it is over.The illegalities and injustice may pl be stopped at once. Either I.O or SPOs can and has to cancel the case at once as per law and constitution.I was illegally  ill-treated for past 3 years. Now major  retiral dues are held up.This also violates fundamental right to life with dignity  Directive Principles of Fraternity& dignity. While other DPSs have not forced shramdan this was illegally forced by Ms Nirmala Devi. Thus it is discriminatory  and unconstitutional too.
Kindly do the needful to cancel the case at once.
       Thanking You sir,
Mannargudi                  Yours Faithfully,

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