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Title: Luxury In Deficit Pushed India Post Into Crisis
Post by: nitin on November 30, 2016, 09:56:04 am
Some people may disagree with me on this subject.we can discuss about Story of Misuse.
For last few years, India Post employees and its customers were repeatedly hearing the word “change” and everyone was waiting for that change.  Especially India Post employees had so much of expectations in IT Modernization Project 2012.

When we hear, or see the name, IT Modernization Project, normally we think of replacement of computers and other hardware or its upgradation.  But everything happened in India Post except change of hardware.

Everyone is speaking about various project of India Post incurring billions of rupees but nobody is sure about the exact amount.  Some reliable source says that it is approximately 4000 or 4900 crore rupees.  Anyway, I am not going for an assessment of the project amount because it is beyond our limit.

I am focusing on some limited areas where we can assess the cost factor and its return.  Whether it is 4000 Crore or 4900 Crore, one thing is sure that the amount is so big and it is almost sufficient to meet the modernization requirement of India Post.

But when we come to the reality, the project implementation is lagging due to shortage of fund.  Otherwise the old systems could have been replaced with new one.

From the study, it is clear that something wrong happened in the spending pattern of India Post in connection with IT Modernization project.  But I am not ready to call it as “India Post Scam” because I am not competent to do so and it is unfair that I am acting like CAG.  You can decide whether it is a scam or not after reading remaining paragraphs.

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