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Title: What is going on with Postmaster Cadre?
Post by: MAHENDRA on July 10, 2012, 01:02:38 am
Can any one explain about initial constitution of Postmaster Grade III? Some clarifications are released as per which "The general line officials who are in HSG-II grade after promotion to HSG-I regularly,will be allowed first to opt for PM Grade-III, after that others will be considered for Promotion." What is meaning of 'others'? What will be the future of PM Grade II officials if all the posts of Grade III will be filled by the junior officials who would have been promoted as HSG-I regularly by one time measurement because Grade-II officials will not be considered for notional promotion to HSG-I? What process will be adopted in the circles where PM Grade-III DPC have been done & some officials are working as PM Grade-III who are still waiting for their promotion to SrPm even after completion of more than 5yrs in HSG-I+PM Grade-III? Will the officials of HSG-I be given another oppurtunity to opt as PM Grade-III even after being given two chances of options in 2011? Will this not be a barrier for PM Grade I officials? Union is silent about merger of PM Grade & General line supervisors. Why?