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Title: SHORTAGE OF STAFF A MAJOR PROBLEM one bullock cart story
Post by: rajasekaran on May 20, 2012, 10:41:15 am
shortage of staff is the major problem.recruitment is rare.LR percentage is  for the purpose of statistics for trg centre unnecessary unconstitutional unlawful leave like ccl against fundamental right of equality is mischie vously included. no other dept/state/country/public or private concern indulged in such "plunder paul to donate peter " method. unlike in other depts like some branches in IT /taluk office welfare offices for example we cannot bundle days works or mails or SB  even for one day. some others may bundle for several po can be locked even if there is no staff.all leave should have substitutes except cl rules/law if the work has to be carried out at once.leave without substitute lays the  addl. burden on remaining workers.see a story:
 two bullocks white and red came to a cart owner for job .the cart owner offered the job of pulling a cart by both. in return he provided  them grass, straw&water.he desired for more customers&more load for his business.he gave leave to red bullock mischievously/silently with no work full pay /food idea.many customers on seeing the overload on single bullock ,delay ,injustice left him.the white pulled the cart singly.the red claimed such a leave is its right and none can question.he was accusing the white for being slow for error&for loss of customers,revenue.the basic reason of not providing substitute or cancelling irregular leave is not understood. (i met such a treatment in a B class po and the case is in CAT)