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Title: irregular/motivated/wrong malicious charge sheets
Post by: rajasekaran on May 19, 2012, 09:32:12 am
At present when a disc.authority/sp issues a malicious charge sheet esp. against women appellate authority/dps revision authority cpmg can review even without appeal/petition.but these authorities who are expected  to act as almost judges quasi judicially  actually  act as if  in connaivance with each other ignoring justice even violating rules with indifference to the pains of staff.
cat judgement published in your bharathiya post in may illustrates this.sp issued a malicious chargesheet and punishment .For a RT date of relief or at least 1st move has to be mentioned in a RT order.only one order has to be issued. separate  so called relief order should not be issued in rt cases.oral relief orders in all gt cases are also not valid.rt should be made in this case actually sp has violated all these rules and guidelines and he should have been chargesheeted for violations as they are proofs are corruption also.dps&cpmg failed to punish the sp ;instead upheld injustice which the cat
exposed and quashed.what did our union do usefully to punish the errant sps? and to help the victim who was deprived of 2yrs increment,macp,seniority etc?TThere is no provision to automatically punish a irrgular malicious sp. the rules when formed believed sps ;did not imagine sps will act malignantly and dps/cpmg will blindly connive.can the union take up such cases to add amendments to punish the errant/malignant authorities?will unio help /take up in defamation cases against them by creating alegal cell for innocent victims?pl note that even after 2 months in contempt of court the judgement is not implemented till date.