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Title: ccl without substitute a legalised strike not leave lr 2
Post by: rajasekaran on May 07, 2012, 10:35:56 am
pl remember that 12 days cl is reduced to 8 days in the name of economy.
ccl is an eternal fetter to the development of anation. pl compare a company for example.if we own a company or this dept for imagination can we give so much leave with full pay leaving the customers&others suffer strangely?does all dept or all nations or companies follow this crazy procedure?if this ccl is given for example to electricity board or military staff where women are largely recruited or telecom staff without substitute pain will be felt on the spot.already one staff has 50 days leave( 30+10+10)with full pay every year.why this cannot be accumulared or availed as an adv Lnd?. in 2009 i took up the matter with human rights com,administrative reforms council endorsing a copy to the president.only acourt case can save the dept/nation