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Title: ccl without substitute a legalised strike not leave
Post by: rajasekaran on May 07, 2012, 10:24:06 am
acc to constitution of india men and women have to be given equal facilities .i.e. in pay leave etc except in maternity leave.
now women staff outnumber gents staff considerably. already there is shortage of staff and consequent punishment or tortures other dept. or state govt seems to have given this ccl for 2 yrs. to women who have "children" upto 18 yrs of age. already this dept is running on loss sucking tax payers money. more than 90% of women employees husbands are employed.ccl is given upto chldrens 18 yrs for their examination admission,sickness.etc. if so men are more eligible to get ccl. any order that violates fundamental right of equality is invalid. if we approach court this ccl will be invalidated. men cant get even a single day cl. if thechilds admission is over in aday the women should not come to office for next14 days.what agreat rule.only by hard work the dept &nation thrive not for paying idleness overloading remaing staff, torturing customers creating overcrowd and delay or denial of it not a legalised strike .can the dept /india survive such a huge loss of pay paid for idleness for almost each women?can we go for court